Villa Locations

A mosaic of vibrant culture, ancient history and spellbinding scenery.

Kefalonia is a beautiful chameleon of an island, changing its colors to suit one’s mood. If you long for adventure, you’ll find ancient ruins of the past, hidden cave-lakes, lush mountains and the world’s most beautiful beach. If you yearn for relaxation, there’s enough to satisfy even the most demanding traveler – from azure Ionian waters and the beaming sunlight to traditional fine dining.

From taverns to temples, beaches to blue seas, this exquisite island has a great deal going on. The island has plenty to entice the curious traveler and what better than head off the beaten track and into sleepy villages, peppered with olive trees and citrus groves.

Such a quite yet quaint village is St.Thomas, the coastal area of the picturesque village Karavados, located on the southern side of the island. The village has retained much of its old-world charm, thanks to the narrow alley streets, small taverns, bars and colorful gardens. You can enjoy swimming on two sandy beaches or even on flat rocks surrounded by turquoise waters.

Nestled on the tip of a small peninsula overlooking St.Thomas Bay, one may find a unique complex of private villas, an idyllic tranquil island getaway.

Savor the quiet life in a tucked-away village! What are you waiting for?